Kotor is quite and small city in Montenegro which we could find around 2 hours from popular touristic destination in Croatia – Dubrovnik. It’s possible to say that the city lies in the shadow of it. Even though the Kotor is bit similar to Dubrovnik (sea, mountains, boats boats boats and old town on the list of UNESCO), the “lack” of tourism is giving to Kotor more authentic atmosphere.

From what I’ve seen there, lots of tourists are staying only for a few hours and after taking pics in front of its main landmarks (which are pretty the same like in Dubrovnik or any other ancient seaside city) they are leaving the town pretty much empty. Only locals and very few other travelers are staying much longer. Anyway after this prime time of Kotor, you could enjoy almost the empty city with a cold beer, listening the sea and watching majestic mountains which surround the whole bay of Kotor.

It is true that other day the routine with tourists would continue but it’s really easy to escape from this rush.

One option is to make a one day hike. You don’t need any special equipment, not even the map. The hills are empty and paths well marked.  There is just one path up from the old town and once you are there, you have to just choose one peak and that’s it.

Praktica MTL 5B, Kepcor 2.8/24, FUJIFILM fujicolor 200



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